Useful Links for further infromation

ACE-Asia and TRACE-P related sites --
ACE-Asia Home Page ACE-Asia Information
ACE-Asia News Letter Archives ACE-Asia New Letters
NOAA/CMDL Trajectory Back Trajectory to ACE-Asia Supersite Kosan, Cheju
Lidar Network Observation NIES(National Institute for Environmental Studies) - Lidar net (AD-NET)
Tenki page (in Japanese) Current Japanese Weather Information
TRACE-P TRACE-P General Info.
TRAPS TRAPS: TRACE-P Robotic Automatic Processing System
APEX E2 Data Support CCSR Prof. Nakajima CREST-APEX E2 data support
ACESS University Iowa CGRER / ACESS project home page
Useful Modeling Sites --
NAAPS web page (Dr. Douglas Westphal) NRL/Monterey Aerosol Page (U.S. Navy Aerosol Model Page)
NAAPS ACE-Asia Version ACE-Asia Version
ICOD DREAM Kosadust Forecast (Dr. Nickovic) Euro-Mediterranean Cnter on Insular Coastal Dynamics
CO Forecast Laboratorie d'Aerologie Forecast Products: CO and Met.
GOCART GOCART Aerosol Forecasting
Miyake jima Volcano Forecast Japan Atomic Eneragy Res Inst. Forecast of Miyakejima Plume
Met. Data Sites --
SYNOP FSU (Florida State University Met data) data archive center
Japan Met. Agency DDB site Japan Met. Agency (DDB GPV data distribution)
NCEP AVN National Center for Env. Prediction aviation site
Useful Satellite Data Sites --
TOMS & SeaWiFS ACE-Asia Speciall of TOMS AI & SeaWiFs
SeaWiFS NASA SeaWiFs Home Page
POES Satellite Products POES Satellite Products
Kochi Univ. GMS Images Kochi Univ (GMS image data archives)
GMS/NOAA Image IIS-University of Tokyo (GMS & NOAA Sattelite Image Page)
TOMS-AI TOMS Aerosol Index GIF image
CFORS core module related sites --
RAMS Regional Atmospheric Modeling System Home Page
Vis5D Vis5D Homepage (Thanks Bill !)
GTOOL Basic Graphics Tool of CFORS (Thanks Numa-san)
Beowulf Linux Cluster of CFORS ALTA Cluster (Bestsystems Co. Japan)
Nishi-san and Ochi-san, Thank you for your kind supports.
Other useful sites --
Soramame Kun Atmospheric Envion. Regional Obs. System (AEROS for Kanto Area)
Lidar at U. Utah University Utah FARS
China Air Quality Urban Air Quality in China